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Outings are conducted in accordance with Sierra Club outing policies. Participants need to recognize the authority of the leader and plan to remain with the group for the entire outing. Sierra Club carries no participant accident insurance. In order to participate in one of Sierra Club's outings, you will need to sign a liability waiver. If you would like to read a copy of the waiver prior to the outing, please call (415) 977-5630, or see www.sierraclub.org/outings/chapter/forms.

In the interest of facilitating the logistics of some outings, it is customary that participants make car-pooling arrangements. The Sierra Club does not have insurance for car-pooling arrangements and assumes no liability for them. Car-pooling, ride sharing or anything similar is strictly a private arrangement among the participants. Participants assume the risks associated with this travel.

Requested donation for members and participants under 18 is $1. Donation for others: $5. 

For most hikes, bring 2 quarts of water, rain gear, sturdy hiking shoes, hiking stick, hat/visor, and lunch.

, the estimated round trip for the day
E=elevation in feet
; + is gain, - is loss, +/- is up and down.
Classification of Hikes: (E)=Education/Interpretation (C) Conservation (F) Family/Fun (S) Service


Saturday, June 7
Keanakakoi Crater Hike (E,F)
D = 4 miles, E = 3600',  +/- 300'
Walk a paved road closed to vehicles to Keanakakoi Crater for a unique view of Halemaumau Crater and the eruption of July 19, 1974.  After returning the same way, we’ll hike back up to Keanakakoi Crater’s south rim via the Crater Rim Trail.  Hike begins and ends at Devastation Trail Parking Lot.  Leaders Jim Buck 315-7914 and Kana Covington 966-8431

Sunday, June 15
Volcanoes NP, Keanakako'i Crater Day Hike (E)
D = 6 miles, E = 3900',  +/- 400'
This hike starts at Thurston Lava Tube, and then travels on Escape Road and the Crater Rim trail until it ends at the Devastation Trail parking lot.
Leaders Diane Ware 967-8642 and Rich Vogler 328-8387

Saturday, June 21
Service with Friends of Hawaii Volcanoes National Park: (S,C,E)
Join us for some service (planting natives or weeding) in the Park. We are usually pau by 2:00 pm and they provide tools. You need water, boots, food, rain and sun gear. Sing up by June 10 with Diane Ware, 967-8642. Co leader Rich Vogler.

Saturday-Sunday, June 21-22
Hakalau National Wildlife Refuge Service (C,E,S)
A 4-wheel drive vehicle may be needed to reach the refuge.
Leaders Michael and Sunny LaPlante 964-5017

Saturday, June 28
Waiakea Pond Dayhike (E, F)
D = 2+ miles, E = sea level
Enjoy views of Waiakea Pond and aquatic birds. It may be muddy, wear appropriate shoes. Leaders Sarah Moon 935-3475 and Kana Covington 966-8431


Sunday, July 13
Pepe`ekeo Cliffs Dayhike (E, F)
D = 3 miles, E = 200’ +/- 100’
Walk along mowed trails atop the Hamakua Cliffs and enjoy views of nesting seabirds and explore historic sites.
Leaders:  Michael and Sunny LaPlante 964-5017.

Saturday, July 19
Restoration of Keau`ohana Rainforest (S, E,C)
D = 0.5 miles, E = 600’
Join the non-profit group, Malama O Puna, in its efforts to restore the largest and most intact lowland native forest remaining in the state.  You will learn about a unique forest habitat with numerous native plant species including the endangered Ha`iwale that is only found in the Puna District.  Bring mosquito repellant, work gloves, good boots and a willingness to work.
Leaders:  Linda Larish 966-6337 and Kana Covington 966-8431.

Sunday, July 20
Hawai`i Volcanoes NP, Maunaiki Trail: Kau Desert Trailhead to Halina Pali Road (E)
D = 9.2 miles, E = 3,000 +/- 300’
This is a long, open lava field hike with possible exposure to vog.  We will view footprints left in the lava from the 1790 Kilauea eruption and many interesting volcanic features on this one-way shuttle hike.  Join us for a special opportunity to see this incredible area west of Kilauea’s summit eruption.
Leaders:  Jim Buck 315-7914 and Diane Ware 967-8642.

Saturday, July 26
Kaloli to Haena (Shipman Beach) (E)
D = 6 miles, E = sea level
Hike on a historic trail in Puna, which used to be an inland carriage road from Paradise Park to the beach at Haena.  Observe nene and interesting backshore ecosystems.  The rocks could be slippery due to high waves.  Bring sunscreen, a hat, sturdy boots, a swim suit and lunch.
Leaders:  Sarah Moon 935-3475 and Linda Larish 966-6337.

Sunday, July 27
Kailua Park Old Airport to Honokohau Harbor Shoreline Hike (E)
D = 4 miles, E = sea level
This is an exposed coastal afternoon hike passing cultural sites.  The hike will begin at Kailua Park Old Airport and end at Honokohau Harbor.   Along the way, we will stop at the restored fish pond and Heiau.
Leaders:  Diane Ware 967-8642 and Rich Vogler 328-8387.


Saturday August 9, 2014
Mauna Kea Forest Restoration Project (DOFAW)--(E, C, S, F)
D = 0.5-1.0 miles E = 6500’
Join us doing service work at Ka'ohe on the slopes of Mauna Kea.  We will be collecting seeds for future planting in Palila critical habitat.  Before seed collection, we will go bird watching looking for the endangered Palila.  Sturdy boots required and a 4X4 vehicle would be helpful.  Please register by August 1 to be part of this opportunity.
Leaders:  Diane Ware 967-8642 and Sarah Moon 935-3475.

Saturday/Sunday, August 9-10
Mauna Kea Cabin overnight (S ,E ,C)
D = 0.5-1.0 miles E = 6500’
After the service work at Ka`ohe on Saturday, we will continue with leader training on Sunday.  We will be staying in one of the cabins at Mauna Kea State Park Saturday night.  Sierra Club members who are interested in becoming leaders are welcome to join us.  This is a great opportunity to learn about leading hikes and becoming involved in local conservation efforts.  Meals can be prepared at the cabin.
Leaders:  Sarah Moon 935-3475 and Diane Ware, -967-8642.

Saturday, August 16
Kalopa Nature Trail and Old Jeep Road and Gulch Trail (E, F)
D = 4 miles, E = 2000’, +/-500’
First, we will be going on an interpretive nature hike through Kalopa State Park’s native forest.  After a short break, we will continue on the old jeep road to the highest elevation in the park passing through groves of 70 year old eucalyptus, silk oak and paperbark trees.  After lunch at the top, we will descend back to the cabins along the Hanaipoe and Kalopa gulches.
Leaders:  Linda Larish 967-6337 and Sarah Moon 935-3475.

Saturday, August 23
Hawai`i Volcanoes NP, Mauna Loa Trail Day Hike (E)
D = 6 miles, E = 6700' +/-1500
We will be hiking on the Mauna Loa trail past fabulous native plants and interesting lava terrain.  The hike starts and ends at the lookout on Mauna Loa access road.
Leaders:  Diane Ware 967-8642 and Rich Vogler 328-8387.

Saturday, September 20
Bike in the Rain Forest:  Hawai`i Volcanoes NP, Crater Rim Trail to Mauna Ulu (E)
D = 14 miles, E = 4,000 +/-1,000’
Enjoy the rain forest and great views while we bicycle in Hawai`i Volcanoes National Park.  Plan to go rain or shine.  Bring your bike, helmet, gloves, snacks and lunch.  A shuttle will be required for this one-way ride.  We also recommend two quarts of water, sunscreen and rain gear.
Leaders:  Jim Buck 315-7914 and Diane Ware 967-8642.

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