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Sierra Club O`ahu Group
Position on City & County of Honolulu’s Transit Project

Download the Sierra Club O`ahu Group's comments (02/06/08) on the Honolulu High Capacity Transit Corridor Project Draft Environmental Impact Statement here.

The Sierra Club O`ahu Group supports the Fixed Guideway (rail) alternative.  The Fixed Guideway alternative provides what O`ahu needs most:  an alternative to the automobile.  O`ahu residents have become overly dependent on private automobiles, and this dependence has devastating effects:  reliance on fossil fuels, pollution and global warming, traffic congestion and the resulting loss of productivity, consumption of more land for roadways and parking, and negative impacts on public health and community life.  The O`ahu Group believes these are urgent problems that require a major shift in our transportation habits, and therefore supports the development of a rail system on O`ahu.

The O`ahu Group believes that any transit plan will succeed only if it is coordinated with other policies that vigorously promote transit ridership and transform land use patterns.  The O`ahu Group urges the City & County of Honolulu to incorporate the following as it develops the new rail system:

  • Provide service to major destinations such as the airport, University of Hawai`i at Manoa, and Waikiki
  • Design stations that feature excellent pedestrian and bicycle amenities
  • Provide seamless connections to bus service, bikeways, and other modes of transportation
  • Ensure accessibility and affordability (e.g., assistance devices for the elderly and handicapped; subsidizing fares)
  • Design a system that enhances, rather than detracts from, the scenic beauty along the route
  • Create economic incentives to promote transit ridership (e.g., subsidizing transit passes for government employees and encouraging private companies to do the same for their employees; requiring businesses that provide free parking to employees to offer an equivalent monetary amount to those who choose not to drive)
  • Create disincentives to single-occupant automobile travel (e.g., limiting the amount of land dedicated to parking in the primary urban core; expanding “High Occupancy Vehicle” lanes)
  • Promote mixed-use, transit-oriented development that revitalizes established urbanized areas to focus new growth where infrastructure and access to jobs, shopping, services and recreation already exist
  • Promote communities where walking and biking are the preferred modes of transport
  • Establish strictly-enforced urban growth boundaries to protect the remaining agricultural and conservation lands on O`ahu


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